Experience the Premier Paintball Playing Field of Vail Valley!



Excellent for birthday parties, corporate outings, private sessions, and groups looking for an action filled day.



We can accommodate group sizes from 3 to 30+ players. Please call us, we will help manage this for you.



Located less than 30 minutes from downtown Vail. Our course sits on acres of varied frontier terrain off Hwy 131 in Wolcott.



$99.00 per individual includes 2-3 hours of playing time, equipment, all day air, and 500 paintballs per person. Additional paintballs are sold in bags of 500 for $25. Call for our specials!



Play is Wednesdays through Sundays. Time slots can be booked for 9AM, 12PM and 3PM. Special bookings can be available for Mondays and Tuesdays (please call for details and availability).



Long sleeves, pants and boots/tennis shoes are good choices for clothing. Layering is a good idea!

Frequently Asked Questions…

Q. How long does a game take?

A. Each game is approximately 20 minutes. Your group can play as many games as you’d like for up to three hours.

Q. Where do I park?

A. We will meet you in front of the Rio Grande Co building 15 minutes before play. Entrance to the field is on the left side of the building, and another 200 yards beyond!

Q. Where can I get a waiver to fill out?

A. Please see the link at the bottom of the “Book Event” page for a waiver. You will need to fill one of these out every time you play. To save time, please fill out before your arrival, otherwise you can fill one out at check-in.

Q. How do I make a reservation for my group?

A. Go to the “Book Event” tab on this site, choose your group type and desired event time, provide your contact information when prompted, then you’ll be asked for a deposit. Once you have completed the booking procedure we will reach out to you to confirm your reservation.

Q. Is there food available?

A. Upon special request, catering arrangements can be made.

Q. Can I bring my own equipment?

A. Yes. You may bring your own paintball equipment. You will have to chrono your marker once at the course to ensure firing pressure matches our own equipment. If bringing your own marker, please also bring a barrel condom as we do not allow barrel plugs. **This does not affect the price of play**

Q. Can I bring my own paint?

A. We only allow Double Diamond paint at our course, you cannot bring your own paint.

Q. Is the deposit refundable?

A. No. Upon your booking we purchase equipment needed and schedule staff for the event which are costs that we do not recoup. If you are unable to make the time booked, please give us as much notice as possible and can apply your deposit to a rescheduled reservation.

Q. How far in advance do we need to make a reservation?

A. We prefer at least 1 week prior to your event. If you are interested in booking an event that is less than a week out, please give us a call!

Q. Can we tip our Referee?

A. Yes, tips are very much appreciated. If your referee does a great job for you, a tip is a great way to let them know. And if your experience was great, write a review on our TripAdvisor and tag @doublediamondpaintball on Instagram.

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